Many organisations struggle with effective internal communication, Health & Safety training and employee engagement. This can lead to productivity issues, workplace accidents and staff churn. PeoplePortal is an employee engagement platform that operates in complex working environments and can solve these issues.

From shift-worker sites through to transient services teams, PeoplePortal helps organisations connect and communicate with their staff, while also increasing time and attendance accuracy in the background.

How does it work?

Delivered via any form of touchscreen, and with logical simplicity, it engages staff at the start and end of their shift to:

  • Clock in and out: Digital process that removes paper systems and integrates with all major payroll systems
  • Induct: New employees are provided with a thorough understanding of processes, procedures and hazards
  • Communicate: Up to the minute messaging from management, business wide or by selected groups, branches and teams.
  • Train: Using messages, questionnaires, images and video clips organisations can reinforce product knowledge, Health & Safety requirements and advise of hazards and mitigation strategies
  • Feedback: Staff can provide feedback and report any issues easily and in real-time