Do you want to increase staff morale, productivity and keep them safer onsite?

What We Offer

A fully customisable micro-learning and employee engagement platform that blends messaging, training and time-keeping, which allows you to connect with your staff more effectively and better manage suppliers regularly coming onsite.

Maximise impact through communicating with staff during a touchscreen-based, digital clock-in process, that increases employee engagement, end-customer experience and reduces the risk of workplace accidents.


Better customer experience

Through increased awareness in your services and products

Reduced staff churn

Because your employees feel more connected with the company

Increased productivity

A more effectively trained workforce, and greater team morale.

Better ROI from training programs

From content being delivered in a more effective, bite-sized way

Essential business intelligence and insights

Based on worker behaviour and skills, in real-time.

Audit Trail

Audit trail of training undertaken can assist with ACC rebates

Want to find out more?

To find out more or explore the PeoplePortal solution further please contact Grant Ingles at